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8mm Coloured Paper Dots Self Adhesive Stickers

If you are looking where to buy packs of self adhesive stickers and coloured sticky dots then look no further, we have a varierty of coloured dots measuring 8mm or 0.8cm. These sticker dot colours are available in paper which makes a nice cheap solution for all your needs.

If you want to get organised, then these nifty little self adhesive dots 
are great for just that. These round paper dots have a number of uses, you can get the office organised by using them for your year planner or for organising your filing system in the office or work.

As these sticker dots come in various colours they are ideal for using to stick important documents to whiteboards or your window using the different colours. Some of our customers have used these dots to make artwork for schools and for exhibitions so as you can see these coloured dots do have quite a variety of uses.