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OHP Sheets

If you are looking to buy OHP sheets to use on your laser or inkjet printer then take a look at our overhead projector film that we have available on our website. All our overhead projector transparencies are priced to be competitive yet keeping the same great quality you would expect from PC-UK.NET products.

We have overhead transparency film available in A3 and A4 sizes which are the most common sizes of transparency sheets available suitable for everyday use in the business or work place.

If you are looking where to buy overhead projector sheets then look no further, we have just what you need whether is it for your inkjet printer or laser printer. when it comes down to choosing a high quality overhead projector film, you want a brand that has been manufactured to the highest standards to make sure the OHP transparency sheets you are buying will give you that optimal visual impact when you are using your projector in meetings or the classroom.

Please make sure you check which is the most suitable OHP sheet pack for your printer before you buy.

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